Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Terrah's bio

 Terrah Christine Brown's Bio
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

Terrah Christine, aka Christy, is the little girl on which the movie "A Matter of Justice" is based. You already know the story. So I will provide you with a few updates and some stats on the case.
Terrah Christine Brown was born on November 6, 1980 (this date is different from the birthdate she uses on her i.d. October 26, 1980) in Hawaii. She was two years old when her father was murdered. When I spoke with Ms. Brown about her granddaughter several years ago, when Christy was only about 17 years old, she said that she was always very curious about her mom, and in fact when she was about 18 or 19 she went to Ada, Oklahoma to visit her mom and grandmother, according to the elderly family member of Dusty Brown who I mentioned earlier. He said that it was really a sad case because this girl had come all the way from Alabama to meet her mom, but he did not believe that she got a chance to meet Dusty during that time. He knows for sure that she came and spent time with her aunts and her grandmother Katherine. She was full of questions about her mom and the rest of the family. I do not know much about her life growing up, but I know for a fact she heard a lot of negative things about her mom from her grandmother Ms. Brown here in Alabama. I guess it would be hard to avoid not speaking ill of someone who was instrumental in having your son murdered. Nevertheless, this had to impact Christy's life. I hope all of the negative talk did not impair her ability to live a normal productive life despite her background. I say this because even though her mom did and has done very bad things...horrible things, this did not diminish Christy's desire to know and see her mom. Her mom...the only one that she will ever have. She was raised by a loving grandmother I am sure, but where is my mom...I want to see her...I want to know her...she would have to say to herself many times over the years.I would love to speak with her someday personally and have her relate to me her innermost feelings about her mother and her father. Well, I have already told you that someone dropped me an email about the latest on Christy. I was told that she wrote a $4900 check to a car dealership to buy a 1999 vehicle. There was a warrant out for her arrest. She was apprehended and evidently paid the fine, and the case has been settled according to the Etowah County Sheriff’s Department. The informant also said that Christy has spent some time in prison, but since she is no longer incarcerated I was not able to confirm the actual dates of her incarceration.
Extra Tidbits
Her mom is Kathy Charlene Brown. The movie "A Matter of Justice" or "Final Justice" is based on this case.